My Development Toolkit

June 17, 2012

I get asked quite a bit daily what apps and tools I use to keep my workflow moving smoothly.


RubyMine is my preferred development environment. It’s great for managing multiple projects (that’s what this program is great at, apps. Don’t expect to hit Cmd + New and have it as a text editor) and I live in this IDE for Rails development.

RubyMine Screenshot

TextMate 2

I use TextMate 2 for everything else that is not project related, from simple note taking to coding up quick things (console commands, etc).

TextMate Screenshot


When working in the office with multiple developers, sometime you need to work on something together. Coda is great for pair programming and that’s usually all I use it for.

Coda Screenshot

iTerm 2

Mac Terminal is great, but with all the features that iTerm 2 provides, I spend a lot of my day in this app.

iTerm Screenshot

Git Tower

Command line is great, and a GUI is not a replacement for command line for me. But most of the time, I want a quick way to do something without remembering the correct command for it.

Tower Screenshot


I “try” to live by the Inbox Zero standard, and Sparrow helps me to get there. Mac Mail is just clunky in my opinion, and doesn’t have that great of integration with gMail. Sparrow feels native and works great.

Sparrow Screenshot


Anytime I’m on my computer, I’m usually signed into at least one IRC chat room. You can usually find me one Webetalk (

Colloquy Screenshot


I don’t use MongoDB a lot except for personal projects, but when I do.. MongoHub is the best GUI application I’ve found for Mongo.

MongoHub Screenshot


Face it, we all have a LOT of contacts. Cobook integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, my normal address book… and organizes everything into my Mac’s Menu bar. Works great!

Cobook Screenshot


Merges can get extremely confusing.. I find help with DiffMerge.

DiffMerge Screenshot


When you quickly need to view the diff between two files, Kaleidoscope does a great and beautiful job at it.

Kaleidoscope Screenshot


Fluid is a neat little app that will turn any website into a native Mac App. Great if you have a frequently used application that you don’t want to keep in a tab.

Fluid Screenshot

Navicat Premium

I used to use PHPMyAdmin for visual MySQL database management, but found Navicat Premium to be a great alternative to the old clunky PHPMyAdmin. Makes it easy to visualize queries and create complex ones faster.

Navicat Screenshot


I use OmniGraffle A LOT. I like to create tons of diagrams before I start to work programming something, I consider it my computer whiteboard.. and almost never use my physical whiteboard anymore.

OmniGraffle Screenshot


I’m bad at keeping index card todo lists, Things has saved me from letting anything fall through the cracks.

Things Screenshot


I use OmniGraffle for my normal “whiteboard”, but use Balsamiq to quickly mock up web pages from other diagrams to show people.

Balsamiq Screenshot


I spend most of my day (when not on calls, in meetings, etc) listening to music. During all of my development time I’m listening to some form of music.. Spotify is my #1 choice.

Spotify Screenshot


Gotta stay social!

Twitter Screenshot