October 18, 2012

I’ve never written a Gem much less published one, but I’m trying to contribute to the open source world and give back at least a little of what I’ve received from it.

I use a program called Dash (Check It Out) that lets me easily search Docs from Rails, Ruby, HTML, jQuery, CSS, and all the major things I use on a day to day basis.

When I joined Mavenlink and began digging in the code, it was hard for me sometimes to remember and search for various methods, so I thought it would be awesome to have a Dash Docset for it.

DocToDash converts RDoc (Darkfish only at the moment) and YARD into Dash docsets.



You can either require doc_to_dash and use it in your code or script, or use the command line tool (doc_to_dash).

Basic Usage (please check Source/Doc above for full instructions):

  1. Install doc_to_dash
gem install docs_to_dash
  1. Generate RDoc / YARD docs for your app. I generated mine here into doc/yard.

Doc Generation

  1. Use doc_to_dash to generate a Dash docset from these docs.
doc_to_dash -n Housekeeping doc/yard

Docset Generation

  1. Develop easier with Dash.

This is my first Gem so I would appreciate your feedback. If you try it out and it doesn’t work, please submit a Github issue so I can check it out.