Soylent: Days 1, 2, and 3

October 14, 2014

So, I ordered a week’s supply of Soylent back in the spring and got it in the mail on Friday of last week (I love surprise packages).

Day 1

I mixed up a full package in the supplied pitcher and put it in the fridge to chill for ~3 hours.

I had not ate anything all day so I was getting extremely hungry around 4PM.

I poured my first glass and it smelled sorta like vanilla. However, it did not taste like vanilla.lent There’s a smooth taste that tastes like nothing and something at the same time. It’s very consistent and very neutral (which is good for adding flavor to).

I’m extremely picky in what I eat and drink (especially the textures). The texture / feel of drinking my first glass was like drinking milk that left a bit of a weird unfamiliar film at the end.

It wasn’t unpleasant nor was it pleasant. I forced myself to drink the entire 16oz glass and it definitely made me feel full.

After about an hour I felt pretty bloated and that continued on throughout the evening. I feel like it was just my body getting used to something other than Taco Bell.

This was my only glass on day 1.

Day 2

Poured a glass and took a whiff of it. For some reason the smell now made me nauseous and I poured it out.

Ordered two blender bottles so I could start to experiment with some flavors (I don’t own a blender or anything. That’s never been required for delivered food).

Day 3

Blender bottles arrived in the evening.

Made a single scoop portion and added some cocoa powder. Tasted meh.

Added cinnamon to the existing glass which helped it taste a bit better but the bitter taste of the cocoa powder was too offputting.

Since I’m not in this to be “super healthy” but rather eat (or drink in this case) a bit healthier than Taco Bell and McDonalds every night I decided I wanted to experiment with some flavors.

I ordered some Stevia, Chocolate Syrup, and Peanut Butter from Instacart and it got here a few minutes ago.

I whipped up a single bottle of all three of those (with a bit of salt) and it’s chilling now. I took a bit of a taste and it tasted quite a bit better and something that I could actually see myself drinking frequently.

I’m excited to try the new version. If it’s not good I guess I’m ordering chinese tonight…